About Me

For more than 30 years, I have had the privilege of working closely with adults and children going through challenges and difficult times. Often, their family, friends and others are keen to offer well-meant advice and ‘you must do’s.  My experience is that sometimes individuals actually need something rather different in order to move forward in the way that they, personally, need and want to. When working with my counselling and play therapy clients I start from a position which values their uniqueness; together we take a fresh look at how they, as a unique person, have arrived at where they are today; how they feel about it; what they would like tomorrow to bring; and how they might go about making any change happen.


A safe place where you can be really heard, in an honest and non-judgmental way; while you develop the insights and the personal awareness that will help you bring about the changes you really want in your life.

Play and Creative Arts Therapy

Using sand tray work, puppetry, music, role play and drama, dance and movement, and a wide range of arts and craft this engaging and often enjoyable intervention is a proven natural way for children to express themselves and work through difficult feelings and experiences—and can be equally powerful for adults.

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