Therapeutic Counselling

It has been a worthwhile journey: for the first time I now have an awareness of why I think and behave the way I do — and am coping better with stressful situations.

— 32 year old man with anxiety and depression, leading to self esteem and relationship problems.

It has been challenging at times, but I feel more able to assert myself in social and work situations now, instead of shrinking away.

— 27 year old woman, with an unresolved childhood trauma resulting in under confidence, anxiety, and an inability to trust others.

I just feel better now! The sessions gave me clarity, instead of a muddled mind which kept going around the same problem in never-ending circles. I can see a way forward now.

— 53 year old woman, faced with a significant relationship problem.

Play and Creative Arts Therapy

My son learned that it’s OK to have sad and angry feelings and I now see him using his toys at home to play out little scenes; for the first time he can tell me he misses his Dad and come for a cuddle; his temper tantrums are far less frequent.

— Mother of 5 year old boy following divorce.

I never thought my daughter would leave me and go to school, or talk to anybody outside the family.  I left her at school this morning playing happily with friends – she’s still very quiet, but it’s coming.  Thank you so much!

— Father of 4 year old girl with selective mutism and separation anxiety.

I really didn’t think playing with a sand tray and figures would help me…what did I know!  I’m amazed at the insights I got from the scene that emerged as I worked—far more effective for me than any amount of talking!

— 55 year old woman.

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